The committee representing the employees

In the Studierendenwerk Kaiserslautern, the personnel council consists of a total of seven employee representatives and one substitute member. The personnel council is part of and represents all employees and is re-elected by the employees every four years. The committee meets regularly to discuss current issues and challenges or motions submitted by management and to pass appropriate resolutions. The committee bases its decisions on the Rhineland-Palatinate State Personnel Representation Act (LPersVG).

The personnel council ensures, among other things, that all safety regulations applicable to employees (e.g. occupational health and safety) are complied with. The committee serves as a mouthpiece for all employees vis-à-vis the management and sometimes acts as a mediator in this context. The members of the committee are bound to secrecy within the scope of their activities (cf. § 71 LPersVG). Furthermore, it is one of the tasks of the committee to inform the employees about topics and developments at the Studierendenwerk that affect them. This is done, among other things, at the annual staff meeting.

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Your Personnel Council Team

Personnel Council Members

  • Ann-Kathrin Schneider (chairwoman)
  • Lukas Woll (1st deputy chairman)
  • Katlehn Baum (2nd deputy chairwoman)
  • Uwe Langenheim
  • Ronnie Kutien
  • Sabine Hanzelko
  • Katja Fructuoso da Silva 


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