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During your time at university, there are always questions that deal with legal aspects: How much additional income am I allowed to earn so as not to jeopardize my Bafög? Can my landlord evict me on short notice? What should I do if a third party damages my apartment in the student dormitory or if I am robbed? We offer free initial counseling for enrolled students at the universities we support. The consultation usually covers the following areas:

  • General civil law
  • Labor law
  • Tenancy law
  • Alimony issues
  • Legal matters of everyday life


Please schedule an appointment by mail or phone. Bring your student ID with you to the appointment.


Sigrid Henkel

Building 30, Room 256

Tel.: 0631 205-2065
Fax: 0631 205-4856

E-Mail: s.henkel(at)

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