Helping you get started and settle in

First of all: Welcome!

All of us at the Studierendenwerk extend a warm welcome to our international guests in Kaiserslautern. For many it is the first longer stay in a new country, maybe even the first time away from family and friends.

Initial orientation guides and tips about regulations and living habits in a new country are particularly helpful.


Jacqueline Becker

Building 30, Room 296. 1

Tel.: 0631 205-2575

Lisa Gerber

Building 30, Room 296. 2

Tel.: 0631 205 2237
E-Mail: l.gerber(at)

The package to get you off to a good start

To help you get started, we offer you a starter package for your apartment. This package can be purchased from us for 95.00 € and contains:

  • 1 Kitchen towel

  • 1 pan

  • 2 pots

  • 1 coffee cup

  • 1 plate

  • 1 dinner plate

  • 1 knife, fork, spoon, small spoon each

  • 1 pillow
  • 1 comforter
  • 1 set of linen (for pillow, comforter, sheet)
  • 1 bath towel

Good to know when starting out in a new country:


The Studierendenwerk Kaiserslautern offers 1,930 student housing places in shared, family and single apartments at the three locations Kaiserslautern, Zweibrücken and Pirmasens. 

If you are interested in our student residences, you can apply online here.


International Student Identity Card (ISIC Card)

With the International Student Identity Card (ISIC-Card) you benefit from many discounts. You can find more information here.

Food and drink

Our Mensas and Cafeterias offer you a wide selection of delicious and healthy food. In the Mensa of the University of Kaiserslautern you can choose between two regular meals, a grill, a wok and a mesaVital dish or help yourself to the rich vegetable, pasta and salad buffet. Our cafeterias provide coffee during breaks or a snack in between.

You can find more information and the menus on this website in the food section.

Legal advice

In case of legal troubles we offer free legal consulting in the fields of civil law, e.g. tenancy law, labor law as well as examination law and legal questions of everyday life.

You can find more information on this website in the legal advice section.


Sigrid Henkel
Buidling 30, Room 256
Tel.: 0631 205-2065
Fax: 0631 205-4856
E-Mail: s.henkel(at)


Psychological counseling center

The psychological counseling center is an office of the Studierendenwerk Kaiserslautern. We offer free professional help in all study-specific, but also personal conflict situations.

You can find more information on this website in the section Psychological Counseling.




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