Can I apply without a letter of admission or certificate of enrollment?

You can apply online without an admission letter or enrollment certificate.

Once you receive the admission letter, simply add it to your application online using the web password. You can also send the file by e-mail to: wohnen[at]studwerk-kl.de.

Only after we have received the following documents, can we consider you for a place in the student residences:

  • Certificate of enrollment or student ID card
  • Admission and receipt (proof of payment of semester fee)

How do I apply?

Applications can only be submitted via online application. Multiple applications do not increase the chance of getting a residence place and will not be considered and deleted. Only one application is valid per applicant.

Please note that a confirmation link must be activated in the automated e-mail you receive from Studierendenwerk Kaiserslautern. Only then will we receive your application.

If all dormitories are occupied, you will be put on a waiting list. In addition, you will receive an e-mail every 30 days with a link to confirm whether you are still interested in a room in a student residence. If the link is not confirmed within five days of receiving the email, your application will be automatically cancelled.

Where can I find my web password?

After receiving your online application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us. In this e-mail you will find your web password. You can change this password online at any time.


How will I be notified?

As soon as we can offer you an apartment / room, you will be notified by e-mail. Therefore, please make sure that the current e-mail address is correctly registered in your online application.

Important: Check your e-mails regularly, not only your inbox but also your spam folder.

How can I change my personal data in the application?

Here you can change your personal data using your web password and also upload your enrollment certificate.

When is the deadline for applications?

There is usually no application deadline. In general, rental contracts begin on March 1st / April 1st or September 1st / October 1st of a year. As long as rooms are available, allocations are made.

Only for Trippstadter Str. 121 there are fixed application dates:

  • by mid February for the summer semester for enrolled students and first-year students
  • by mid July for enrolled students and mid August for first-year students for the winter semester

Can I apply for other residences even though I already live in a student residence?

If you already live in a dormitory or urban housing of the Studierendenwerk, you cannot apply for another residence, not even for Trippstadter Str. 121. Moving from residence to residence is also not allowed. Your application will be automatically removed from the waiting list.

Am I entitled to a room in a student residence after I have submitted my application?

By applying for an apartment or room, you are merely expressing your interest in renting. You do not have a definite claim to accommodation or even to a specific room/apartment.

What happens if I do not accept or reject an offer?

In that case, your application will be canceled. However, a new application for the following semester is possible.

Can the rooms be inspected before signing the lease?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to tour the rooms, because they are occupied all the time. Here you can find information on all rooms and apartments as well as a picture gallery.

When can I move in?

Before moving in, you must make an appointment with the respective janitor. Move-in is only possible from the day your contract begins at 12:00 noon and only on weekdays during the janitor's working hours. If your contract starts on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, you can only move in on the next business day.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

The deposit is specified in the rental contract and must be paid before moving in. Once we have received the deposit, you will be given the keys by the janitor in charge.

How do I collect the keys?

You need to bring the signed rental contract and your ID card/passport to the key pick-up appointment.

Must the keys be collected by the tenant personally?

As a rule, the tenant must collect the keys personally. Exceptionally, the keys can be collected by a third party with a power of attorney (written letter and copy of the tenant's ID/passport). The prerequisite is that the deposit has been paid.

When and how do I pay the rent?

The rent is deducted by direct debit on the 1st working day of each month from an account designated by the tenant.

How long can I reside in student housing?

The standard period of residence is 8 semesters. After expiration, it is possible to apply for an extension.
When applying for an extension, you must also include a certificate from the University of Kaiserslautern / Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences, which provides information about how long you still need for your studies.

How and when can I terminate my rental agreement?

In general, the lease is limited to the duration specified in the contract and ends with its expiration without the need for notice. 

  • According to §16 section (1) of the General Rental Conditions, the tenant has the right to terminate the lease without a subsequent tenant, as follows: 

           as of June 30th or September 30th of each year

           Student housing Forellenstr.: 
           as of May the 31st or August the 31st of each year

  • Termination of the tenancy deviating from the period of notice will be accepted if a new tenant is available. The written request for early release from the lease must be made no later than the 15th of a month for the end of the following month.
  • If there is no subsequent tenant, the tenant must continue to pay the rent.

What has to be done after a notice of termination?

Please make two appointments with your janitor 21 days before you plan to move out. At the 1st appointment you will be informed about all the things you have to do until you move out. The 2nd appointment is to hand over the keys.

The room must be returned to the janitor in a clean and tidy condition.

Is parking available?

In some housing complexes it is possible to rent parking spaces ranging from 6.00 € to 10.00 €/month. Unfortunately, there are no parking spaces in the urban houses.

Are dishes, cutlery and cooking utensils provided?

The kitchens must be equipped by the resident themselves. 
We offer a so-called "starter-package“, for students, which includes everything for the initial setup.

How to deal with damage or defects?

The damage or defects to the rented property must be reported immediately to the responsible janitor.

What do I do if I have problems with the Internet?

Here you will find information on what to do if you have problems with the Internet.

Are there washers and dryers in the dorm?

Washing machines and dryers are available for use in almost all student housing complexes for a fee. Payment is made via the student ID card. Cards can be loaded in the Mensa at the "Aufwerter" or via AutoLoad. A wash or dry cycle costs €1.00 each.

How do I get registered in Kaiserslautern?

In order to register at the Kaiserslautern City Hall, you need a certificate of residence. You will receive this directly from the respective housing clerk when you sign the contract. Registration is only possible after the beginning of the contract.

Do I have to pay radio and television license fees?

Basically, every tenant or apartment must take care of the payment of broadcasting fees on their own. You can find information about broadcasting fees here.

You can also find more information at www.rundfunkbeitrag.de.

When will I get my deposit back?

The deposit will be returned approx. 2-3 months after the end of the tenancy, provided that the room was handed over in a proper condition.

The deposit will be transferred to a German bank account or an EU account.

What needs to be considered regarding the smoke alarms?

The smoke detectors are serviced by a company every year. If problems occur (frequent beeping, false alarm), please report it immediately to our janitors. Please do not work on the smoke detector yourself, in case of damage this can be expensive, as it then has to be replaced at your expense and the safety could no longer be guaranteed.

What happens to my mail after I move out?

The Studierendenwerk does not forward any mail. Please submit a forwarding request to the post office in due time.

Info Point

What is Autoload?

Autoload is a SEPA direct debit mandate for your account. The autoload procedure allows you to top up your card balance directly at the Mensa and cafeteria cash registers as well as at the displays mounted to the wall in the Mensa.

How do I register for Autoload?

The registration takes place directly at the Info Point of our Mensa on the campus of the TU Kaiserslautern. You will need your chip card and your debit card (EC card).

If you are studying or working at one of our other locations, please approach the cashier at the register of the respective locations, where you will find Autoload registration forms.

How do I renew my student ID?

There are two validators in our Mensa where you can validate your student ID for the new semester.

Other validators can be found in the Central Library (Building 32) and in the StudierendenServiceCenter (Building 47).

Student cards of the university of applied sciences cannot be validated at the technical university.

My chip card no longer works or is invalid, who should I contact?

In this case, please contact the Info Point of the Mensa first. A possible reason is a defective chip card. We will check your card and will explain further steps to you.

How do I get a new student ID card?

Have you lost your student ID?

Contact the StudierendenServiceCenter (building 47), where you will be issued a new student ID.

You have problems with the imprint of your semester ticket on your student ID card or your card has become damaged?

In this case, please contact our Info Point first. Afterwards you can get a new student ID at the StudierendenServiceCenter.

As a guest, how can I eat in the Mensa?

Guests also have the opportunity to use our entire range of services from the Mensa to the Cafeteria and Bistro. You can get a guest chip card at the Info Point in the cafeteria by paying a €10.00 deposit in cash. Your chip card can now be used for an unlimited period of time.

I want to get posters or flyers approved for the dining hall, how do I do that?

You can have your flyers and posters approved at the Info Point. The prerequisite for this is that flyers or posters have been issued by a faculty or a university group and that the event being advertised is aimed at students.

The permission granted is only valid for the Mensa of the Studierendenwerk, not for the university.