Assistance for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities and chronic conditions may direct their questions to the representative of the Studierendenwerk Kaiserslautern. If he cannot resolve the questions himself, he will forward the inquiries to the respective responsible offices and establish contacts.

Volker Loebel

Diploma Psychologist
Psychological Psychotherapist

Phone: (0631) 205-3565

Senate representative for the interests of disabled students at the RPTU Kaiserslautern

Dr. Parya Memar

Building 47
Room 620

Phone: (0631) 205-4002
E-Mail: memar(at)

Consulting service

Representatives for disabled students at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Isabell Lobert

Campus Zweibrücken
Room C 104

Phone: (0631) 3724-5529
E-Mail: isabell.lobert(at)

Astrid Haas

Campus Kaiserslautern
Room F 0.032

Phone: (0631) 3724-4477
E-Mail: astrid.haas(at)

Consulting service

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