Assistance for students with disabilities

If you need psychological help or information, please contact

Volker Loebel

Diploma Psychologist
Psychological Psychotherapist

Phone: (0631) 205-3565

Senate representative for the interests of disabled students at the RPTU Kaiserslautern

Dr. Parya Memar

Building 47
Room 620

Phone: (0631) 205-4002
E-Mail: memar[at]

Consulting service

Representatives for disabled students at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Isabell Lobert

Campus Zweibrücken
Room C 104

Phone: (0631) 3724-5529
E-Mail: isabell.lobert[at]

Laura Wiemer

Campus Kaiserslautern
Room F 0.032

Phone: (0631) 3724-4477
E-Mail: laura.wiemer[at]

Consulting service

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