Our daycare center “Spielwerk” takes part in the “Lautern hummelt auf” campaign

Last week, children, some parents and teachers from the “Orange Group” got together to take part in the “Lautern hummelt auf” campaign together with Ms. Schneckenburger, who is not only part of BUND but also the mother of a kindergarten child herself. This initiative aimed to enrich the outdoor area of their facility by planting a flower bed.

This project not only provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity, but also creates a valuable habitat for insects, especially bumblebees, which are crucial to the ecosystem.

By working together, children and adults alike were able to learn how important it is to protect and care for our environment. Ms. Schneckenburger, with her expertise in environmental protection and sustainable lifestyles, guided the group to create a bee-friendly flower bed. Native plant species were selected that not only attract local insects, but also contribute to the aesthetic enhancement of the outdoor area.

This project is a great example of how educational institutions can work together with local initiatives and community engagement to bring about positive change in their surroundings. The children of the “Orange Group” have not only gained practical knowledge about plants and insects through this activity, but have also learned the importance of teamwork and environmental protection.