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Food and Beverages - Chip card / Student ID

FH Kaiserslatuern Chipkarte

You can use your student card (chip card) to make all payments in the Mensa and Cafeteria of HS, and at drinks vending machines in the Mensabuilding and the Galerie.

The chip card should be treated like cash, i.e. you cannot be compensated if it is lost or stolen. Please note the card number. This allows the card to be cancelled if it is lost.


Where can I get the chip card?

When you register, you will receive a letter asking you to provide a passport photo for the chip card to the Student Affairs Department. Once your documents have been checked, the chip card, which also acts as your student card, will be created and sent to you.

  • Students will receive their student card as a chip card
  • Staff will receive their staff ID card as a chip card
  • People and groups of people who are neither staff nor students (e.g. institutes, cooperation partners, companies, guests) and who want to use the services provided by the students’ union and/or the HS Zweibrücken can obtain a guest card at the tills of the cafeterias of HS. A deposit of €10.00 is payable.


How do I add credit to my chip card?

You need to add credit to your chip card before you can use it for payment:

  • If you want to add credit using cash, you can use €5, €10, €20 and €50 notes to add up to €70 in total. The only credit machines that accept cash can be found at the entrances Mensa/Cafeteria of HS.
  • Some machines allow you to add credit of at least €20 using a debit card. These machines are also located at
    • the foyer of the library,
    • at the entrance of the Mensa/Cafeteria.


How do I pay with the chip card?

  • Main meals I and II are paid for directly at the turnstiles. Place your chip card on the reader: the main meal price will be deducted and the turnstile will allow you to access the counter.
  • At the tills in the Cafeteria of HS and Kammgarn place the chip card on the reader. You will see your credit, the amount deducted and the remaining credit on the display. Please leave your chip card on the reader until the booking process is completed; otherwise read errors can occur.
  • To prevent queues, please always ensure that there is enough credit on your card! You can check your credit at any time, and top up if necessary, at the top-up machines and at the till in the  "Galerie".


How long is the chip card valid?

  • The chip card has a rewritable TRW (thermo re-write) strip, which can be reprinted with a new expiry date when you successfully register for the next semester. To do this, the card must be inserted into a validation station once you have re-registered.
  • The validity of your card depends on the way you are employed at the university of Applied Sciences.



Is it still possible to pay by cash in the Mensa and cafeterias?

  • Yes, but only at the till in the Cafeteria of HS.
  • There is no cash payment for main meals I , II and desserts.
  • If you pay in cash, you will automatically be charged the guest price.


Please handle your chip card with care. We cannot refund your deposit if there is any visible damage, such as resulting from improper use.

Do you have any more questions about the student card or staff ID card? Do you need guest cards for a particular event?
Send us an e-mail or call us.

Angelika Steiger


Building 30, Room 257
Tel.  0631 205-2066


















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