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Marie-Curie-Straße 1-5 - Online Application

You can apply online for the halls of residences and town houses listed on our website here.

Please scan the following documents into your computer and send them to Studierendenwerk Kaiserslautern together with your application details:

  • 1 passport photo
  • Matriculation certificate (or copy of acceptance letter for new students) or student card

Only complete applications will be processed!
Your application is valid for one semester.

As a general rule, places are allocated in the order in which we receive the applications. Submitting the application does not obligate you in any way; nor does it constitute a guaranteed claim to a place in a hall of residence. Studierendenwerk Kaiserslautern will notify you via e-mail.

Please note that, once you have sent your online application, you will receive an automated e-mail confirming and checking the accuracy of your personal data. This e-mail contains a confirmation link that you must confirm. Without this confirmation, we do not receive your application!