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Studying with children - Other Nurseries

The "Initiative Kita an der Uni Kaiserslautern" (Initiative for Nurseries at the University of Kaiserslautern) society was founded as far back as 1994, at the request of students. The society now runs two nurseries, which receive financial support from Kaiserslautern students’ union.

This nursery is located at Pfaffenbergstraße 87 and has space for 40 children aged up to six years. Children of students at the university take precedence. Childcare is provided all day, with the children divided into three groups.

This nursery offers 20 places for young children in two groups. The modern, newly-constructed building has been in place since 2006 and is located at Fraunhofer Platz 2, next door to the Fraunhofer Institut.


You can find detailed information on the website of the nurseries at www.unikita.de.