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The mensaVital meals

The "mensaVital" range of meals is our contribution to healthy eatingMensaVital

Healthy for body and mind – the mensaVital meals

  • Nutritionally balanced composition of ingredients
  • Low fat preparation that retains vitamins
  • Use of high quality fats and oils
  • Our contribution to your “5-a-day” (5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day)
  • Careful selection of foods (wholegrain products, pulses, nuts, lean meat, colourful and crunchy vegetables)
  • A balanced range of fish, meat, vegan and vegetarian meals
  • No deep-fried or battered meals
  • No heavily pre-prepared meals
  • Fresh, unprocessed ingredients
  • No flavourings or flavour enhancers
  • Use of fresh herbs instead of seasoning mixes
  • Creative recipes with seasonal foods
  • Combination of regional and international culinary influences

Price per 100 g:

  • 0,60 € Students
  • 0,90 € Staff
  • 1,20 € Guests

The buffet team looks forward to seeing you!