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  • What is Autoload?

With Autoload your card gets charged automatically at the cash registers of the Studierendenwerk Kaiserslautern. Autoload is a direct debit authorization to transfer money from your personal bank account to the chip card. 

The Autoload process gives you the chance to recharge your card at the mensa and the cafeteria.

In order to be able to use Autoload you need to register at the infopoint. You need your chip card (student card) and your EC-Card.

  • Why Autoload?

The upgrade of your chip card at the cash registers of Studierendenwerk Kaiserslautern saves time. You do not have to waste any time to recharge your credit. When you pay at the cash register, you have the option to charge your card. The cashless payment process allows less mistakes and you can enjoy your meal more quickly.

  • How does Autoload work?

As soon as the credit on your card falls below your individually selected minimum credit line at one of the Studierendenwerks cash registers, the cashier will ask you, if you want to recharge your card. Therefore you can ensure there´s always sufficient credit on your card. The minimum amount for revaluation is .10,00 €. Your account will be debited only upon request.

You can change your individually selected minimum credit line and your charge amount every time.

The using of the Autoload-System is voluntarily.

You still can charge your card with cash at the card loading terminals. If you sign up for Autoload, you can use both charging systems.

Your card can only be topped up with the Autoload-System at the cash register, if you make a transaction.

The use of Autoload is only possible for people, who have a bank account at a German banking institution.

  • What happens to my data?

The Studierendenwerk makes use of a data field on the chip card, which is not personalised.

No data such as date of birth or address are saved by Studierendenwerk. The chip card is merely linked to the account data stored in connection with the agreement to set up a SEPA direct debit arrangement, which is required for the topping-up process.

During the payment process, only the card number, consumption group and the validity of the card will be recorded. We have no access to your financial status.

The Data Protection Act in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate is strictly followed.

  • What to do if I lose my chip card?

In case of card loss or a defect chip card, the card can be blocked at the infopoint. When the card is lost, you need the serial number of your chip card to block the card. You can find the number on the agreement to set up a SEPA direct debit arrangement. It is also possible to block the card with your bank account. The blockage automatically cancels the former agreement of your SEPA direct debit arrangement.

In case of a damaged card, the credit will be transferred to your new card. If you have your new card and want to use Autoload again, a new registration is required.

  • What happens if I want to top up my card, but I have not enough money on my bank account?

If the automatic top-up for your card using Autoload leads to a return debit because there is not enough money on your bank account, your chip card will be blocked. Any outstanding payments must be paid in cash at the infopoint. Your card is then unblocked and can be used again with Autoload. Any costs resulting of an unsecured account or incorrect bank details will be charged to you (depending on the credit institution). In addition internal administration fees will come up.

  • What if I change my bank account?

If the bank account changes, the registration at Autoload is expired. In order to use Autoload also with your new bank account, a new registration is necessary

  • Can I cancel Autoload?

You can cancel Autoload anytime at the infopoint. Please bring your chip card, then you can sign the cancellation. Your agreement to set up a SEPA direct debit arrangement expires with your cancellation.

  • Can the remaining balance be cashed out?

Yes, after topping-up via Autoload or card loading terminals the balance can be payed out at the infopoint after 48 hours earliest.