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Housing - Trippstadter Straße 121

Studierendenwohnheim Trippstadter Str. 121

Student residence I

The hall of residence is home to 212 students. Its main attractions are its central location directly opposite the Technology Park and its proximity to the University campus and the town centre. Further advantages include ample parking and TV and Internet connections in every unit.

Exceptional application rules apply for this hall of residence. There are fixed application periods for initial applicants: mid-January to mid-February for the summer semester and mid-June to mid-July for the winter semester. New students can apply until mid-August.
Rooms are allocated by ballot. Those who are selected from the ballot first will receive accommodation straight away; the rest of the applicants are added to the waiting list for the next semester.

It has not to be made a separate application, if you are already in the application process for this residence .

If you already live in a dorm or townhouse of the Studierendenwerk, you can not apply for the dormitory Trippstadter Str.121!