Price adjustment as of 01.10.2022

The effects of the energy crisis and the increased food prices have also reached us. Therefore, we have to increase our prices for meal 1, MENSAfeelgood and dessert starting October 1st 2022.

We would like to keep the price of meal 2, so we will offer you an energy-saving menu there in the future. For this menu, we have adjusted our production processes and recipes so that we can maintain the price.


New prices




Meal 1

3,50 €

5,30 €

6,25 €


3,95 €

5,70 €

6,65 €


0,65 €

0,75 €

0,90 €


In addition to the mensa prices, the cafeteria prices will also be moderately adjusted soon.

We hope for your understanding.
Your Studierendenwerk Kaiserslautern