Award from PETA Germany for our Ausgabe 2

PETA Germany has awarded our Ausgabe 2 in building 30 of the RPTU Kaiserslautern with 3 stars as one of the most vegan-friendly dining halls in Germany. Many thanks for that! 

PETA Germany writes: "The Studierendwerk Kaiserslautern enters the race for the most vegan-friendly cafeteria in Germany in 2023 with its main mensa 2 and wins 3 stars. Here you can feast on two to three vegan dishes every day, including bami goreng (Indonesian noodle dish with vegetables), vegetable maultaschen with onion sauce, steakhouse fries with a sauce made from various mushrooms, vegan mozzarella, parsley and salad.

However, vegan side dishes such as pasta without egg or vegetables without butter or cream are not yet available separately. A salad bar is also not (yet) available. As a plus however counts that during "Veganuary" there are additional special offers.

In the meantime, we have reopened our Freeflow service. There, everyone can assemble a salad plate at the buffet.


The evaluation criteria concentrated predominantly on the daily offer of vegan meals, on the special training of the personnel regarding the preparation of vegan meals, the offer of plant based alternatives for coffee specialities and special vegan events. But the overall concept of the Mensa and its development over the years also played a role.